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As notes, she soon changed majors — from architecture to the humanities — and after her 2004 graduation from Yale, she sought guidance from the State Department on how best to become involved in global health issues.

After college, Bush continued to pursue her increasing interest in global health.

Born one minute before her fraternal twin sister Jenna, Barbara Pierce Bush — granddaughter of 41st president George H. "By sixth grade, I was a nonconformist conformist….

Like so many of us — for whom adolescence brings back painful memories of fashion blunders, among other forms of misery and embarrassment — Bush went through her own awkward phase.

While Jenna has traditionally spent more time in the spotlight thanks to her job as a news correspondent for the , Barbara and Jenna provide an inside look into what it was like growing up in the political spotlight, and what their lives are like now — and between the stories shared there and some of the interviews that Barbara has done over the years, it's clear that she's an impressive woman.

The most prized piece in my wardrobe was a raspberry velvet Jessica Mc Clintock dress with an attached pearl choker — my favorite feature.

"The narrative was that I was breaking with my father," she explained to .

When she finally got together with them, they "started brainstorming about global health issues and ended up talking about the fact that Teach for America had been an amazing way to catalyze dialogue and engagement around the need for education." That conversation led to a more crystallized vision of her mission.

She told me, 'He has followed you everywhere, and he's so proud of all that you've done.

You've been all over the world and he's gotten to go on this journey with you.' Then she said, 'He says you can stop counting stars now.'" , Bush notes that when she was 24, she and her mother, Laura, were visiting Italy for the Olympics.

Speaking to magazine, Bush explained that seeing "thousands of people lining the street waiting for drugs that they needed to live, that we had in the United States, was something very hard for me to wrap my brain around." , she said that seeing "people who were mourning the deaths of their children and sisters, because they didn't have access to drugs that do exist" was mind-blowing.

"We have the tools to solve these problems," she said she realized, but the issue is that "we just need to use them more effectively." After seeing the impact of global health initiatives like PEPFAR, she was inspired to take action.

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