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Who is dj tiesto dating

Like so many DJ albums, it fails to capture the essence of what makes him popular, lacking the heft and spontaneity of a DJ set.

The frustrating conundrum for top DJs, the likes of Fatboy Slim and Paul Oakenfold, is that in 2007 they can fill any venue they care to but make little headway with recorded output. He got a job in a record shop in Rotterdam and worked endlessly playing small clubs.

Annicka constantly appears in Tiesto’s social media posts and Instagram stories.

The couple were happily touring around the world together and the proposal happened while they were in Maldives for a vacation.

"I've seen so many DJs losing it because of all the drugs and alcohol.

I drink a bit of alcohol, a lot sometimes, but the drugs - I tried it in the past but it never got me and I'm happy it never did."Tiesto has normalised raving in his home country.

He has, however, yet to conquer America, the unscaled Everest for DJ culture."I'm tempted to move to the States," he says, "but when I've been there a couple of months I feel I'm losing contact with the solid ground here.

I want to do a proper tour there - U2 did a phenomenal job on the US."For all his success, Tiesto maintains a boyish eagerness and enthusiasm, almost an innocence, in a business where pleasure is often all about visceral hedonism."It's pretty easy to stay away from the path of vice," he says.

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He has his own waxwork figure in the Dutch Madam Tussauds, and Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands awarded Tiesto the Order of the Oranje Nassau.

In short, he's a national treasure."The government is proud of me," says the man who was born Tijs Verwest in 1969.

Perched on a podium, he is dwarfed by a gigantic wall of dazzling lights behind him, while a sea of computer-graphic fire surrounds him as fountains of pyrotechnic sparks shoot from the front of the stage and the air is dissected by candy-striped lasers.

It's a set-up worthy of a touring stadium band such as Muse and that, in essence is what Tiesto is: a stadium DJ.

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"I promote Holland and there's no other artist as famous abroad because most of them sing in Dutch."Tiesto, on the other hand, plays a very accessible form of techno-trance.

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