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In his previous comedies (Ride Along and Get Hard), Hart is often portrayed as a fast- talking shtick at the center of attention.In this film, We're The Miller's director Rawson Marshall Thurber, who co- wrote the script with Bob Fisher and Steve Faber, breaks this stereotype by subduing Hart to a serious straight-up role and giving the goofy prankster role to Johnson (responsible for pulling off most of the verbal and physical gags).You can groan at its dumb plot, get antsy over action scenes where no one (not even trained CIA gunmen) can shoot straight or frown at Calvin and Stone whispering strategies whilst pointed with guns, but Central Intelligence is hard to dislike because Johnson and Hart shine perfectly in their roles and hence, elevate this film from subpar to moderately enjoyable.Without them, this film will be as useful as a bag of rocks.

They're CIA, the one in charge is looking for Stone, she says he's a rogue agent. Later he approaches Calvin telling him, he is not a rogue agent, he's trying to find a person known as the Black Badger who is planning to sell some information that in the wrong hands can be disastrous. See more » When a film has a tagline as witty and sharp as Central Intelligence's – "Saving the world takes a little Hart and a big Johnson" — something tells me that the producers came up with that pun first and decided to commission a script around it after.

Ironically, he is now living an unexceptional adult life as a mid-level accountant stuck in a rocky marriage.

Little does Calvin know, what started as a mysterious Facebook friend request to a casual catch-up is Stone's silent attempt to enlist Calvin as his unwilling sidekick in a deadly mission to track down stolen U. satellite codes and stop a wanted kingpin called the "Black Badger" from obtaining them.

What else could they possibly have together, you ask?

The ex couple built an empire together, it’still growing, but ‘7 Bucks’, is a business venture to watch out for.

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The hit-to-miss ratio is surprisingly higher than you expect.