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Who is michael keaton dating 2016

After that, Keaton's career faltered, with lukewarm dramas like One Good Cop and semi-funny comedies like Speechless and Multiplicity.He had a small but memorable role as an FBI agent in Quentin Tarantino's adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Jackie Brown, and played the same character in Steven Soderbergh's Out of Sight, with Clooney.He was a regular on two different Mary Tyler Moore flops, the 1978 sketch comedy Mary with David Letterman and Swoosie Kurtz, and the backstage dramedy The Mary Tyler Moore Hour in 1979, with Joyce Van Patten.He co-starred in Working Stiffs, with Keaton and Jim Belushi as brothers and janitors, and Report to Murphy, a cop sitcom.Keaton is represented by ICM Partners and Ziffren Brittenham.

Gene Mauch Toy Story 3 (12-Jun-2010) · Ken Herbie: Fully Loaded (24-Jun-2005) White Noise (7-Jan-2005) Game 6 (Jan-2005) · Nicky Rogan First Daughter (24-Sep-2004) · President Mackenzie Quicksand (8-Jan-2003) Live From Baghdad (7-Dec-2002) America: A Tribute to Heroes (21-Sep-2001) · Himself A Shot at Glory (11-Sep-2000) Jack Frost (11-Dec-1998) · Jack Frost Desperate Measures (30-Jan-1998) · Peter Mc Cabe Jackie Brown (25-Dec-1997) · Ray Nicolette Multiplicity (17-Jul-1996) · Doug Kinney Speechless (16-Dec-1994) · Kevin The Paper (18-Mar-1994) · Henry Hackett My Life (12-Nov-1993) Much Ado About Nothing (7-May-1993) · Dogberry Batman Returns (19-Jun-1992) · Batman -- Bruce Wayne One Good Cop (3-May-1991) Pacific Heights (28-Sep-1990) · Carter Hayes Batman (23-Jun-1989) · Batman The Dream Team (7-Apr-1989) · Billy Caufield Clean and Sober (10-Aug-1988) · Daryl Poynter Beetlejuice (30-Mar-1988) · Betelgeuse The Squeeze (10-Jul-1987) Touch and Go (22-Aug-1986) Gung Ho (14-Mar-1986) · Hunt Stevenson Johnny Dangerously (21-Dec-1984) · Johnny Dangerously Mr.Almost impossible to find today, it features Keaton as the director of a musical who has decided to use only handicapped actors.At the time, Keaton was the only "unknown" in the otherwise all-star cast, including then-big names from Melissa Sue Anderson to Betty White. 1983)Girlfriend: Michelle Pfeiffer (actress, dated in mid-1980s)Girlfriend: Rachel Ryan (pornstar, dated in late 1980s)Girlfriend: Courteney Cox (actress, dated 1989-95) High School: Mountour High School (1969) University: Kent State University (dropped out) John Kerry for President Obama Victory Fund 2012 Dumbo (11-Mar-2019) Won't You Be My Neighbor?Keaton bulked up, though, and turned in a pretty gritty performance, even holding his own against Jack Nicholson as The Joker.He quit the series after the first lackluster sequel, Batman Returns, leaving subsequent Batman movies to Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale.

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