Who is queen v dating

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Who is queen v dating

The family tree of Sebastian of Portugal (1544–1578) illustrates how intermarried the Habsburgs were: he had only four great-grandparents instead of the usual eight.

In the trailer for the show, we see Monifah kissing her butch lover.

Two of his wives were royal, and the other four were from the English nobility.

King Henry VIII is Elizabeth II's first cousin, 14 times removed.

Monifah then asks her teenage daughter if she supports her lesbian relationship, but the teen tells Monifah she does not support her lesbian lifestyle.

Here's a little background: rumor has it that Monifah was involved in a longterm, abusive relationship with Teresa Weatherspoon, 46, a retired WNBA player who now coaches the Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters basketball team.

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Weatherspoon allegedly dispensed regular beat downs whenever Monifah got out of line.

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