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Posted by / 13-Apr-2020 23:42

Did I tell you the Google Spreadsheet is FREE with no strings attached?You can get the spreadsheet through that link above.Now, it is just a simple line graph with the last data point shown with a big green dot that obscures the detailed history around it.Please go back to the way it was last week or last month!

I understand its a free website, but shouldn't they also be worried keeping to the purpose of thier offering for which they get traffic in the first place. As far as I can tell, the answer is "no." The site absolutely sucks. Yahoo still refuses to go back to the old style of portfolio viewer that worked so well.

This eventually focued me to use the Finance websites lesser overall (which was a good thing in a way) but now as I want to become more active, I have tried using Yahoo Finance again and really truggle to focus on areas I would like to focus or I would think and investor would want to focus on when they fire up the website.

Navigation through the relevant info is quite difficult. The "comments" section was replaced by a "conversations" tab.

One of the beauty of the Stock Portfolio Tracker is that it allows you to update the stock price automatically.

In my stock portfolio tracker, you will observe that the Auto Price column shows daily end of day Singapore stock share price.

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I love the website and I was reluctant to move on, but I've had it.