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You can book travel to Cuba through all GDS channels, as well as direct channels (, reservations, etc.) and all travel agencies. All travelers must submit an OFAC certification or they will not be permitted to travel. Will passengers be able to view their itinerary on My Trips? The same process for other international travel applies to travel from Cuba. Passengers must retain their boarding pass during their stay in Cuba. Each customer will be required to submit a certiification that they are traveling under one of the permissible OFAC travel categories. The cost for a temporary medical insurance policy is , which will be automatically included in the cost of the passenger’s fare. How long is the temporary medical insurance policy for Cuba valid? Passengers may use miles, Miles Cash, and use Delta e Certificates, Delta Gift Cards and e Gift cards to book travel to Cuba on Delta-operated flights only. Partner-operated flights to Cuba are ineligible for Complimentary Upgrades. Partner-operated flights to Cuba are ineligible for Mileage Upgrade Awards. Will passengers receive all Medallion benefits on travel to and from Cuba?

Additional details regarding the process for purchasing and presenting tourist cards will be provided as the process develops. Please refer to the “Cuban-Born and/or Cuban Nationals” section for more information. Through the automated booking process, the OFAC certification may be pre-submitted to Delta electronically prior to travel. Customs & Border Patrol, collect their bags, clear U. Customs, and recheck their bags to their final destination prior to proceeding to their connecting flights. What documentation will a passenger need to travel to Cuba? Passport: Passports must be valid for at least six months beyond the return date of a passenger’s trip to Cuba. Cuban visa: Upon arrival in Cuba, all travelers (excluding Cuban-born) from the U. Tourist cards will be available for purchase and distributed to passengers at the gateway departure gate prior to boarding their flight. Medical Insurance: Cuba requires visitors to obtain Cuba-specific medical insurance, and a temporary policy will be automatically included in the cost of the passenger’s fare (a surcharge). law restricts travel to Cuba to certain authorized travel categories. The boarding pass will serve as evidence of the insurance policy should any emergency medical services be required during the trip. How much does a temporary policy for Cuba-specific medical insurance cost? Additional travel information can be found on the websites of the U. Please note, passengers earn miles for the base fare and carrier imposed surcharges, but not for taxes and fees. Can a passenger use miles, Miles Cash, Delta e Certificates, Delta Gift Cards or e Gift Cards to book a trip to Cuba? Medallion Complimentary Upgrades are available on Delta-operated flights to Cuba. Mileage Upgrade Awards for Sky Miles members are available on Delta-operated flights to Cuba.

Delta intends to be at the forefront of being easy to do business with for booking U. Delta Air Lines serves Havana, Cuba from Atlanta, and Miami. As of December 1, 2016, Delta began operating commercial service to Havana. International connections will likely become available after communications processes are developed to insure foreign travelers to Cuba understand and comply with the unique U. legal restrictions applicable to all passengers aboard U. Links to the specific requirements for each travel category are provided below. The best recommendation is to refer customers to the OFAC site so they may inform themselves. Customers should expect that Delta will ask for a formal certification that they are travelling to Cuba for a permitted reason. If not purchased in advance, travelers will be required to purchase a tourist card (Cuba’s entry visa) for at the gateway departure gate, prior to boarding. Effective November 30, 2016, Delta will inhibit the sale of tickets issued on Delta 006 ticket stock, for other airline (OA) or multi-airline itineraries that include Cuba, where Delta is not the operating carrier to/from Cuba. Are there any travel requirements for travel to Cuba? Please see the “Travel Requirements” section for more information regarding the documentation a passenger will need to travel to Cuba. Is a passenger’s RFTV (Reason for Travel) SSR sufficient for collection of the OFAC certification? Please consult your company’s Legal department to determine your company’s policy regarding collection and retention of the OFAC certification. Are there any other licenses – or exceptions to the 12 OFAC categories – that a passenger may present as an authorization for travel?

Under this category, you must adhere to a full-time schedule of activities that support the Cuban people. citizens (excluding Cuban-born) to have a visa (e.g. In lieu of the tourist card, business passengers traveling to Cuba may require a business visa that can be obtained through the Cuban Embassy. All passengers, including foreign nationals, will be required to certify their reason of travel is within one of the travel categories authorized by OFAC. S, and thus, is not one of the OFAC permitted travel reasons. Delta will not issue refunds for Cuban medical insurance. Upon arrival in Cuba, a portion of the tourist card is retained by immigration authorities, and the remaining portion is collected at the airport prior to departure from Cuba. Are there any additional requirements if a passenger is traveling to Cuba for business? carriers may only travel to Cuba for one of the OFAC authorized travel categories. If the foreign national has medical insurance that is accepted in Cuba, they may request a refund directly from ESICUBA.If you're traveling from the US, this card is pink.If you are traveling from outside the US, this card is green.

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