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Yokosuka dating

There is a woman on each corner grabbing for sailors on the street that runs from Yokosuka Chuo to the Honch, the entertainment center outside Yokosuka Naval Base.What the girls sell costs to 0 and involves some form of “happy ending.” One South Korean girl works in an upstairs parlor where customers order from a printed menu that offers a variety of sexual favors, from use of hands only to full sexual intercourse.Editor’s note: Stars and Stripes reporters Allison Batdorff and Hana Kusumoto recently spent a Friday night in the entertainment district near Yokosuka Naval Base to explore the status of the sex trade a year after the Defense Department banned solicitation of prostitutes.YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan — If you’re an American man without a girl on your arm, walking from Yokosuka’s main train station to the nightlife district is a “massagy-girl” gantlet.And most of her customers are American sailors, she said.“They come to forget their stress,” she said from behind a curtain.“I give massage so they can relax.” Yokosuka police’s community safety division official agreed that the number of massage shops has remained static through the years.Yokosuka police say 12 sex shops — falsely advertised as “massage” or “esthetic” shops — are currently under investigation in the Yokosuka Chuo area.

“The younger guys get here, they want to try it out — they’re curious, like an experiment. But there still is work to be done on the “demand” side of the equation, according to Gail Mc Ginn, a Defense undersecretary who testified to that effect in a public hearing in June.“[They] are a serious problem.” According to Shihoko Fujiwara, a coordinator with the Polaris Project, a group working to halt trafficking in Japan, “the soldiers can be, just the same as other Japanese men, ‘innocent’ buyers of sex from abused women and children.” “We sometimes receive calls to our hot lines asking for assistance from women in the sex industry, and they are working in Misawa, Atsugi and Yokosuka.” Fujiwara said there are many reasons why Japan is a “hub” of sex trafficking in Asia.“Prostitution is illegal, but it is widely tolerated” because of “billions of dollars” in profit it generates every year, she said.A police report said a 7th Fleet sailor was found naked on the bed and contraceptives and lotions were seized from a woman dressed in red at his side.The sailor was released so he could make it back to the base in time for his midnight curfew, police said.

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And because participating in sex for money is illegal for U. servicemembers under military law, sailors Stars and Stripes spoke to in the Honch also declined to give their names.